Rupak Patitunda

Rupak Patitunda é pesquisador de política e sociedade e foi gerente de social listening na Kantar TNS.

I had the opportunity to work with Jacqueline while working with Social Media Listening where we elaborated press pieces together. If you consider hiring her into your team know that Jacqueline is a rare senior professional. She can bring you a story in a snap as she is amazingly quick in writing: bringing structure and text with attention to details. She is genuinely enthusiastic about stories and how best to convey them to the public. Sincerely, I learned a lot with her about press release strategies by simply assisting her with data. Jacqueline has a keen sense of what activates audiences, wich is key to what she does. I can say with confidence that she has a set of qualities that makes her one of the best professionals I ever met. She definitely is a positive addition to any team.